Meet the Coords!


At Queer McGill, we use the abbreviation “Coords” to refer to our lovely coordinators, the people in charge of making sure our operations run smoothly and that our members get all the support and entertainment they deserve. We all spend way too much time in the office, so here’s what you need to know about us!


First up is vc (he/him), our Communications Coord! Even though he is severely allergic to caffeine, vc is rarely seen getting over 4 hours of sleep in one night. He spends most of his time listening to rock music and playing with his baby cat, lemon. Chances are, this photoset is the only time you’ll see him not wearing any black. You’ll definitely never meet anyone who hates vowels more, he only uses them when he absolutely has to. If you want to feature your event or organization on our weekly listserv or if you have questions/concerns about our social media, you can contact him at

Next up, Brooklyn (they/them), our Resources Coord, handles all things "resources" (don't worry, they don't know what that means either). Their hobbies include reminding people where they're from and what their major is. They oversee our library and make sure the office is always stocked with safer sex supplies and gender-affirming products. You can reach them at if you have any questions about our library or office space. Usually seen arriving late with an iced coffee, please be patient, they promise they are trying very hard :^)

Then, Grey (she/he/they), one of our Events Coords, spends far too much time in the office and subsequently consumes far too much tea. If you ever want to talk to them about said tea, or anything resembling dance, history, or complaining about midterms, they would be very happy. You can contact them at if you want to ask about an event, suggest one, offer feedback, or collaborate.


Next, Felix (he/him or they/them) is the main money man (Finance Coordinator) for Queer McGill. They study computer science and economics in the faculty of arts. They are trying their best. You can contact them at to say hi.

Then, Zeke (any pronouns are good), our Admin Coord! They are new, confused and trying their best. If you want to talk to them about basically anything they will be happy, but if the topic involves anything with “Star” in the title, or involves food they’ll probably be happiest. They are the person to talk contact at with any general questions, comments, concerns or inquiries.

And last, but not least, Jordan (they/them), another Events Coord, is a labelless blob monster whose main personality traits include vegan baking, liking public transit, and reminding everyone they’re on stolen land. You can usually find them watching Bon Appetit test kitchen videos in the office, or refilling their flour bin at Bulk Barn. They’re trying their very best! You can contact them at

If you want to know which coord you are most like, you can to take our wonderful Buzzfeed Quiz here.

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