Meet the Coords!

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Jordan (he/they) is one of the Events Coordinators! A chaotic cryptid, his personality traits include loving rats, baking en masse, and being "a tommy bahama goth." Their collections include shot glasses from places they haven't been, black floral Hawaiian shirts, and animal socks. Historically, you could find them taking naps in the QM office, on their coffee grind at SNAX, or browsing the produce section at Segal’s. You can contact him via


Sydney (any pronouns) is this year's finance coord! They like puzzles, the smell of good coffee, and making terrible puns. Most of the time, you'll find them wandering the McGill Tunnels to forget about the winter. They're always happy to talk about their cat or QM's finances. Don't hesitate to get in touch at

IMG_6116 - fadwa bahman.heic

Fad (she/her) is this year's communications co-coordinator. She answers your DMs and sends you listservs with the hope that you reach the end of them :) She's a fourth year Psychology major and GSFS minor and although feels like a grandma in most of her classes now, she is extremely excited to be back to socializing in person because her hobbies mainly consist of hanging out (and binging shows). You can contact her through or send a message to our instagram page.

Brooklyn - QM Headshot - QM Administrator.heic

Brooklyn (they/them/iel) is our Admin Coord! They're responsible for organizing staffers, coordinating with external groups, and making sure QM runs smoothly. Their hobbies include poetry, Red Bull, and adding years to their degree. You can reach out to for any general questions, comments, or concerns about QM, SSMU, or McGill.


Cal (they/them) is this year's resource coord! They love organizing and distributing resources, and just hanging out in the QM office and library. When not at QM, you can find them hiding out in the lab or going for a swim. You can reach them at for any resource related questions, or just to chat!


Sarah (she/her) is one of our events coordinators. She spends a lot of time watching TikToks and hanging out with her friends. She loves palm trees, sand, and being near the beach -- but she will bare through Montreal's extreme cold to host really fun events for everyone. You can contact her via