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Meet the Coords!


Brooklyn (they/them/iel) is our Admin Coord! They're responsible for governance, organizing staffers, coordinating with external groups, and making sure QM runs smoothly. Their hobbies include writing poetry, developing caffeine addictions, and adding years to their degree. Speaking of degrees, they study Microbiology and Immunology, with a minor in Social Studies of Medicine. You can reach out to for any general questions, comments, or concerns about QM, SSMU, or McGill.


Yara (she/they) is one of the Events Coordinators! She is chaotic, loves snails, the good place, and pottery. Having immigrated in Montreal at a young age, they can recommend some hidden gems in the city! You can find her taking a nap in the SSMU building or running late for a class on campus. You can contact him via


Sydney (any pronouns) is this year's resource coord! They like puzzles, the smell of good coffee, and making terrible puns. Most of the time, you'll find them wandering the McGill Tunnels to forget about the winter. They're always happy to talk about their cat or QM's resources. Don't hesitate to get in touch at


Shelly (she/her) is this year's communications coordinator. When she is not curating the best vibes for Queer McGill, she is a community builder, poet, podcaster and a mom to one cat and a group of friends. You can reach her at or by sending a dm to @queermcgill on instagram.


Katie (she/her) is this year's finance coord! Responsible for making sure QM's ledgers are organized and in proper shape, she's a self-described "big fan of spreadsheets and bureaucracy". Some of her other hobbies include going on medium-length walks, playing the French horn, and being chronically everywhere. Feel free to reach out to her for anything finance-related (or if you have a great cat picture you want to share) at

IMG_44744 - QM Events Coord 2.jpeg

Arwyn (they/them) is one of QM’s Events Coordinators! They’re a 2nd year student in Social Work, and can be reached at You can often find them listening to podcasts, drinking copious amounts of coffee, or mesmerised by mildly interesting but extremely detailed YouTube videos.

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