Recurring Events


Book Club

Welcome to the Queer Bookclub! This is a place to read Queer literature with your pals centered around a new theme every 2 weeks.  Books are available through the Queer McGill library, the largest anglophone accessible library dedicated specifically to Queer literature in Quebec.


Gaymes Night/Gaycation

What is a gaymes night? Glad you asked! "Gaymes Night" is a bi-weekly board/card/Wii game playing event organized by Queer McGill. We have a ton of games to play: Monopoly, Twister, Jenga, Settlers of Catan, Mario Kart, and so much more! This is a great time to meet some fun queer folk and make ALL the friends. We provide snacks and laughs, good times and good people. We look forward to seeing you all there!
This event alternates weekly with showings of Gaycation episodes. Gaycation is a television series produced by Viceland starring Ellen Page and Ian Daniel that explores what it's like to be queer around the world. After the episode, stick around to chat about the episode, being queer, or whatever your heart desires! To check what is offered on a weekly basis, head to the QM Facebook.


Neurodiversity Working Group

No two brains are the same, but they're all wonderful in their own way, and they all deserve respect and the opportunity to flourish! This working group will take the form of a peer support group of people who live at the intersection of neurodiversity/mental illness and queerness, and will be a place for sharing tips and resources, and telling stories. Discussion topics will include what it means to be a neurominority and how to talk about it, what barriers we face and how we can overcome them, how to make QM and McGill more accessible, and exploring tools for healing, self understanding and self advocacy.


Special Events

Welcome Back Picnic

Yikes, September already? Fear not—join QM for one final celebration of summer vibes in the park as we munch some snacks, play some board games, and welcome new and old faces.

Feel free to bring shareable snacks and drinks (though note any dietary restrictions mentioned in the pinned poll), as well as blankets and board games to add to those QM is bringing! We're meeting by the Parc Jeanne-Mance playground just north of Duluth—just look for the pride flags! See you there!


Drag and Burlesque

Drag n' Burlesque returns for another year of delights! What is Drag n' Burlesque? We're glad you asked! It is a drag, burlesque and performance art show annually put on by Queer McGill. All levels of experience (or non-experience) are welcomed and adored. We encourage anyone with an interest to perform; it is a completely judgement and rejection free space. Have we convinced you to want to perform? Fantastic! Contact about all performances as well as questions. Not feeling like performing a sultry number onstage? That’s so OK! No pressure. After our performers show us their skills, we will be opening the floor to some karaoke! Sing solo! Sing a duet! Become the new *NSYNC or Destiny’s Child for all we care! Enjoy yourselves! Otherwise, just visit the cafe-bar, sit back, relax, and enjoy the night how you know best. Doors open at 7! Accessibility Info: This venue and its bathrooms are located on the first floor. The venue is located minutes from the Berri-UQAM metro (a wheel-chair accessible metro station). There is approximately a 1 inch bump at the threshold of the door. The venue has their own homemade ramp. Changing rooms are upstairs. If you need a private space to change for a performance or otherwise, please let us know to find a way to accomodate you. ---------------------- Drag n 'Burlesque est de retour! Qu'est-ce que Drag n 'Burlesque? Nous sommes heureux que vous ayez demandé! Il s'agit d'un spectacle de drag, burlesque et de performance artistique présenté chaque année par Queer McGill. Tous les niveaux d'expérience (ou non-expérience) sont accueillis et appreciés. Nous encourageons toute personne ayant un intérêt à participer; c'est complètement sans jugement et sans rejet. On vous a convaincus? Fantastique! Contactez pour notifier de votre performance et nous poser des questions. Vous n'avez pas envie d'effectuer un numéro sur scène? C'est pas grave! Pas de pression. Après que nos artistes nous montrent leurs talents, nous allons ouvrir la voie à un karaoké! Chantez seul! Chantez un duo! Devenez le nouveau * NSYNC ou Destiny's Child! Amusez-vous! Sinon, il suffit de visiter le café-bar, s'asseoir, se détendre, et profiter de la nuit. Les portes ouvriront à 7h! Accessibilité: Ce lieu et ses salles de bains sont situées au premier étage. Le lieu est situé à quelques minutes du métro Berri-UQAM (une station de métro accessible en fauteuil roulant). Il ya environ une bosse de 1 pouce au seuil de la porte. Le lieu dispose de sa propre rampe maison. Les vestiaires sont à l'étage. Si vous avez besoin d'un espace privé pour changer pour une performance ou autrement, s'il vous plaît laissez-nous savoir pour trouver un moyen de vous accomoder.


Rad Sex Week

RAD SEX WEEK is back for another year with a week of anti-oppressive, trans and queer-positive feminist events that discuss topics like gender, sexuality, sexual health and activism! We will be hosting a series of amazing event from Monday, February 18th until February 22nd.


General Assembly F2019

QM's general assembly is coming soon! The Coordinators will be talking about their work and taking feedback and criticism.

We will also be electing a new Administration Coordinator for the winter semester! The job description is posted in this event. It will be an election, so please come ready to answer questions! If you are not able to make it but would still like to apply, please contact us and we will find something that will work for you.


Palentines Gay

You are cordially invited to Palentines Gay, a cheese and punch night dedicated to the thing that you love. Feel free to prepare a presentation of something that you really love (no more than three minutes), and let us all in on the topics that are really close to your heart. Any topic that abides by our Safer Spaces policy is fair game! Want to gush about video games, music, books, pets or people? This is the judgment free place to do it! Don't want to present? No problem! Come eat cheese with us and celebrate what makes your friends happy! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at Hope to see you there! ___________________________________________________ C’est avec joie et espoir que nous vous invitons à Palentines Gay, une soirée dédiée à tout ce que vous aimez et accompagnée de fromage et de punch. Vous avez le choix de préparer une brève présentation (pas plus de 3 minutes) sur un sujet proche de votre cœur pour nous éblouir avec votre passion. Aucun sujet n’est taboo, du moment qu’il respecte notre police d’Espace Sécurisé. Tu veux passer trois minutes à parler de jeux vidéo, de musique, d’un bon livre, ou de ton animal de compagnie ? Tout est possible et nous vous offrons un espace sans jugement pour vous exprimer comme vous voulez ! Pas envie de présenter ? Pas de problème ! Venez mangez un morceau de fromage et écouter les présentations d’autrui, c’est toujours sympa d’écouter des gens passionnés ! Si vous avez des questions, vous pouvez toujours envoyer un email à On espère vous retrouver là-bas !


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