Events for Fall 2021 will be both in person and online. For more up to date information, see our Facebook, our Online Events Group, and our Discord server.

We'll have weekly Gaymes and movie nights, alternating between online and in person, as well as the following larger events (All times in EST)

(In person) Welcome Back Picnic Sept. 4 @12:00 PM

(Online) CL&E Orientation Event Sept. 8 @6:30

(In person) Halloween Craft and Movie Night Oct. 16 @6:30

(Online) Virtual Escape Room Nov. 13 @6:30

(In person) Bob Ross Night Nov. 26th @6:30

(In person) Gingerbread Houses Dec. 10 @6:30

(Online) Fall Zine Launch Dec. 18 @6:30:

For the most up to date info on events, check out our QM Online Events Group!