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Room 303

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Montreal, QC H3A 1W7

This room is up 3 flights of stairs. If you need an alternative way to meet up with us, please contact


Our office is a safer space maintained by our volunteer staffers. It is currently not accessible for people with mobility disabilities as we are on the 3rd floor and there are no elevators. If you need an alternative way to meet up with us, please email our admin coordinator. We offer a variety of stem toys, colouring books and a weighted blanket. We have a variety of light sources, including natural light, to accommodate a variety of needs. It is a space free of strong scents. Also, people are asked to verify with the room before opening up food with strong allergens and to throw it out outside of the room when finished.

We currently do not have any braille books, but we do have a few audio-books. We also have a few books available as PDF that should work with readers. We are currently working on expanding our PDF collection.

There are two gender-neutral bathrooms on each floor of our building, except the basement where there is only one. 

If you have any further concerns or ideas on how to make our space, or our resources, more accessible, please let us know here.



QM is home to the largest English, publicly-accessible, queer-specific library in Quebec. Our office is home to over 600 documents for lending and over 100 for on-site consultation. You can consult our catalog here. If there is a queer themed book you would like to see, but is not in our catalog, you can request it here. If you are unable to get to our office to take out or return a book (our office is up 2 flights of stairs), please email our resource coordinator so they can make arrangements with you.

Weekly Recommendation

Please note this section may not be updated during winter or summer break.

Based on in-depth interviews with 140 youth and 130 teachers, administrators, counselors, parents, and youth service providers in seven states, this report offers the first comprehensive look at the human rights abuses suffered by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students at the hands of their peers, teachers and administrators.


Office Resources

Safer Sex Supplies

  • Water-based lube

  • Silicone-based lube

  • Flavored non-lubricated latex condoms

  • Flavored lubricated latex condoms

  • Flavored latex dental dam

  • Non-lubricated latex condoms

  • Lubricated latex condoms

  • Lubricated polyisoprene condoms

  • Internal condoms

  • Nitrile gloves

Gender Affirming Products

  • Half tank black binders

  • Tank black binders

  • Packers

  • STPs

  • Gaffs


  • Menstrual Products

  • First aid products

  • QM Stickers


If there is any other resource or product that might be of aid to you, or if you are unable to get to our office to get these resources (it is currently up 2 flights of stairs), you can leave an anonymous request or email our resource coordinator

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H3A 1W7