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Mission Statement

QM is a student-led service run by queer students for queer students, non-students in the Montreal area, and allies. Our space and resources are open to all, so long as everyone maintains our Safer Space policy (which can be found here). We are committed to confidentiality; we will never ask anyone to disclose any information they are not comfortable with, and nothing that is said in our office leaves our office except in the case of a serious breach of our Safer Space policy. Listed below are some of the services we provide. This was taken from our QM Mandate, which can be found here


From our Mandate:


QM shall: 


a. Provide support to queer students through working groups, a library, and a visible presence on campus; 


b. Serve as a resource for information pertaining to queer people and queer issues; 


c. Take stances on relevant queer related political issues in order to heighten student awareness, actively promote queer issues, and prevent prejudicial action against its members and allies to the best of its abilities; 


d. Organize and encourage social activities and interaction, in QM, on the McGill campus, and in the greater Montreal community. 


e. QM shall carry out its workings from an anti-oppressive and intersectional feminist orientation, including, but not limited to, being anti-racist, anti-classist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-cissexist, anti-ageist, anti-ableist, anti-colonial and anti-sizeist, with full respect for, and without discrimination against, individuals who are, but not limited to, queer. Specifically, QM shall recognize that homophobia stems from cissexism and sex-negative views held by society at large and therefore purports to take a pro-feminist and sex-positive position in its representation of queer issues


Below is a list of our coordinator positions and the roles and responsibilities of each:


Resource Coordinator: In charge of the library, gender-affirming gear, safer-sex supplies, educational resources and resource referrals. If you need help accessing services on campus or around Montreal, if you are looking for information, or have any other inquiry related to resources, feel free to reach out at!


Administrative Coordinator: Overlooks staffer volunteers, the office space, office hours and working groups. Runs trainings, as well as general and collective meetings. Attends meetings with McGill Administration, SSMU committees, executives and services, Equity committees and other queer organizations. If you have any general questions about Queer McGill, or anything mentioned above, feel free to reach out to !


Events Coordinator: Plans and hosts events for the community, and manages social Facebook groups. If you have any questions about our events, email us at!


Communications Coordinator: Puts out the weekly listserv with information about events and resources taking place at McGill and in the broader Montreal community. Also manages the Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as the Facebook forum. If you would like something to be added to the listserv, you can send them an email at, for all other questions, you can send them an email or send a message to the QM Facebook page or Instagram page! 


Finance Coordinator: Responsible for preparing the Queer McGill yearly budget. Coordinates the expenditures and revenues for Queer McGill. If you have any questions about the financial side of Queer McGill please email!

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