Community Groups

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  • Queer McGill   (QM)

QM is a service under SSMU meant for providing resources and a safer space, building a community, and ensuring political support for the LGBTQIA2s+ students of McGill. You can be updated through their mailing list of the LGBTQIA2s+ related events happening every week (click this link to subscribe). The office, currently situated in SSMU 432, has free safer sex supplies, menstrual products, a first-aid kit, a queer-focused library, a fridge and a microwave, dishes, tea and coffee, and a relaxing space with couches. Within the office, safer-space rules apply.

Accessibility notes: the office is wheelchair accessible, has a low-light system, is asked to be as scent-free as possible, and has some accessibility tools such as a weighted blanket, earplugs, stim-toys and more.

Get in touch: through QM's page , or  through the "Contact" section.

Share your news or events: on the QM forum Facebook group or by sending an email with a blurb and a picture to to be put on the mailing list.

  • Queer Engineer   (QE)

Queer Engineer is a club under EUS. Queer Engineer aims to host events and spaces for the queer community in McGill Engineering to get together, make connections, and learn from each other and the greater queer/STEM community. You can email them at .

QE on Facebook:

  • JQueer   (JQ)

JQueer is a community of Jewish LBTQIA+ students and young professionals in Montreal, created through social events, outreach, and education. If you want to hear about their events or be part of discussions, you can join their secret Facebook group. In the secret group, only other members of JQ can find the group, see posts and see who is in it. Message them to be added right away.
Want to get in contact with them? Message their Facebook page or email them at

JQueer on Facebook:

  • OutLaw

OUTlaw is a club for LGBTQIA2s+ students and their straight allies. While based in the Faculty of Law, OutLaw is open to students from all programs. They organize and participate in a number of events throughout the year. They invite speakers, submit articles, fundraise for local queer services, and engage in research, advocacy and activism on queer legal issues. They also work with the McGill Administration on issues important to queer students and send representatives to a variety of University committees, and sponsor films, hold parties, and organize various other social events and outings across Montreal. 

Accessibility notes: If you do not wish to join the Facebook group because of visibility issues, you can keep up-to-date with their activities confidentially through the Outlaw mailing list! To subscribe to the mailing list, send an e-mail with a blank subject line to

OutLaw on Facebook:

  • OutLook

  • the Union for Gender Empowerment   (UGE)


  • McGill Drag Collective

  • Queer Art Guild

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