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Queer McGill Discretionary Funding Guidelines 2021

Discretionary funding allows us to support events and projects that align with our mandate. The aim in contributing funding is to show solidarity to community groups and increase accessibility through material support. 


Important Information for Applicants

During the academic year, we review requests at the last coordinator meeting of each month. Applications submitted during the summer months (May, June, July, and August) will not be reviewed until the end of August.

Funding Criteria

1. The initiative being funded must reflect Queer McGill's mandate. 

2. The initiative being funded must benefit the Queer Community within McGill or the Greater Montreal area. 

3. If the initiative being funded is an event, it must be wheelchair accessible. 

Queer McGill Prioritizes Funding Projects That:

1. Will provide a lasting impact on the Queer Community

2. Will benefit (queer) students at McGill 

3. Are by and/or for BIPOC

4. Relate to underrepresented issues

5. Will use these funds to increase accessibility and/or sustainability 

6. Have not previously received funding from QM. 


We are able to offer $700 in discretionary funds per period. Organizations can request a maximum of $350 per application

Selection Process

Applications for discretionary funds will be discussed by the Queer McGill Coordinators in the last meeting of each month. Decisions will be made based on the mandatory criteria and priorities outlined above.These meetings will be closed to the general public, but the minutes will be made available afterwards.  


Funding is disbursed via direct deposit. 

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