This section is still a work in progress.

We have many resources in our office not yet available on the website and some of the information here might be incomplete. If you would like more information you can contact our resource coordinator or leave an anonymous question.

This is an interactive database of QM resources. You can search them by key word or by characteristic using the interface bellow. If you have any resources that you think should be added, you can let us know here.

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Action Santé Travesti(e)s & Transexuel(le)s du Québec (ASTT(e)Q)
Promotes the health and well-being of trans people. By and for trans people.
BIPOC Therapists in Montreal
A crowdsourced list of BIPOC therapists in Montreal.
Crisis Centres of Quebec
Assistance for adults in a state of psychological or psychosocial distress.
Drugs: Help and Referral
Helpline that provides support, information and referral to people coping with addiction throughout Québec.
Head & Hands
Provides medical, legal and social services to Montreal youth.
Helpline that puts you in contact with a psychosocial intervention worker in the event of a psychosocial problem.
Kids Help Phone
Helpline and chatline available 24/7 for youth in Canada.
List of Queer & Trans Friendly Services
List of medical resources. Thank you P10 for this list!
McGill Councelling Services
For any student who wishes to see a psychologist, a counsellor or a therapist.
McGill Nightline
Confidential, anonymous, and non-judgmental listening service.
McGill Psychiatric Services
Psychiatrists for McGill students. They are able to prescribe medication.
Montreal Sexual Assault Center
Safe, non-judgmental space where people affected by sexual assault.
Club for queer students and their straight allies. They are affiliated with McGill Law Student Association.
Project 10
Promotes the personal, social, sexual and mental well being of lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersexed and questioning youth and adults 14-25.
QM Blacklist
QM's crowdsourced blacklist. A place to report homophobic/tranphobic/etc. experience with business/professionals/educators.
The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill is a non-profit, student-run organization that conducts research, education, and action on environmental and social justice issues at McGill University and in the Montreal community.
Volunteer-run organization that supports survivors of sexual assault and their allies.
Telephone listening centre. They offer a free listening service, in English and in French, which is anonymous, confidential and 24/7.
Helpline and chatline available 24/7 for youth.
Union for Gender Empowerment
Support service for any person who identifies with our anti-oppressive, feminist, and trans-positive principles, regardless of gender identity.

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