Queer McGill

Student service by queer students for queer students

Located on the fourth floor of the University Centre in room 432, our office is home to many resources including BUT not limited to: our incredible anglo queer-specific library, safer sex supplies, gender-affirming products, a microwave and refrigerator. Our office is a great place to hang out in between class and we are always looking for staffers to help keep the office a safer space.

QM organizes a number of events throughout the year including weekly games nights, Rad Sex Month, Drag & Burlesque, seasonal events, a larger end of semester party, and more! 

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*Important Covid-19 Updates*

Unfortunately, while campus is closed so is our physical office

Gender-affirming supplies are available through our remote order form here

Events are still being held online; for more information join our QM Social Distancing FB group!

Queer McGill holds weekly meetings where we discuss administrative matters and break down what each coordinator has been doing for the past week, as well as to plan activities and responsibilities for the following week. This semester, our weekly meeting will be held every Wednesday from 5-6pm Montreal time. The Zoom links will be posted in the QM Social Distancing Facebook Group the day of the meeting. The public is welcome to attend these meetings and bring up questions, concerns, or feedback. If interested in attending these meetings, feel free to join the Social Distancing Facebook Group, or message us directly for the link (admin.qm@ssmu.ca).


Meet the Coords!

Jordan (they/them), is one of the Events Coords! A labeless fae creature, their personality traits include baking, liking public transit, and reminding everyone they’re on stolen land. Now that Bon Appetit is cancelled, they have a lot of extra time on their hands to play with their rats, listen to «small room» music, and make weird earrings. Historically, you could find them taking naps in the QM office, on their coffee grind at SNAX, or browsing the produce section at Segal’s. You can contact them via events.qm@ssmu.ca

Sydney (any pronouns) is this year’s finance coord! They’re a cheerful klutz with a penchant for terrible jokes and a love of cats. In years past, you could often find them wandering the McGill tunnel system while consuming frightening amounts of caffeine. To get in touch email finance.qm@ssmu.ca

Grey (he/she/they/il) is one of the Events Coords! They're always happy to answer events questions, share opinions about tea, and rant about how Ab minor is a horrible key to play in. Before covid you could usually find them making tea in the office or trying to find liminal spaces on campus. To contact them email events.qm@ssmu.ca  

Fern Lou (they/them) is the communications coordinator! They're primarily in charge of our social media and the listserv. They spend much of their time hanging out in parks and changing their mind about which type of craft they want to do. If you have an event to promote or want to get in touch with them for anything else, you can send an email to communications.qm@ssmu.ca, or send a message to either our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Natan (they/them) is the resource coordinator! They usually spend their free time listening to podcasts, changing their major, and yearning to make art while in reality eating cheez-its and watching Netflix at 2 am. If you have any questions about our library, gender gear, or accessing resources in Montreal, please don’t hesitate to contact them at resource.qm@ssmu.ca

vc (he/him), is our Admin Coord! He can usually be found vibing in the woods or inside of caves. He is using the fact that everything is now online to do all school and work with his cat, lemon. He is the person to contact at admin.qm@ssmu.ca with any general questions, comments, concerns or inquiries